Lastovo Carnival - Poklad

The legend says that in the Middle Ages Maur people sent their messenger to Lastovo with request to surrender. People of Lastovo captured and closed him behind bars. This made the Maur angry so they returned with their ships to conquer Lastovo. Suddenly there was a great storm that ruined the enemie's fleet. People of Lastovo carried the captive on donkey through the whole village and had sled him down the rope from hill called „ Pokladareva grza“. Later on, they burned him on Dolac with ringing bells and cheers from the crowd. The Carnival takes place every year according to specific rules. It is unique event.

Since 2008, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia proclaimed the Last to the ovo Carnival as immaterial cultural good of the Republic of Croatia and sence then it is under its protection.